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New EGASS Platform Release

Network Media Services have announced the latest release of their market leading affiliate management systems for the iGaming, Forex Trading and Retail industries. The new update features powerful affiliate KYC tools to enable program operators comply with the latest marketing regulations. Other features have been introduced to improve system access and email delivery. The system is a complete turnkey affiliate management solution, catered to the specific industry, with feature modules for calculating commissions, tracking clicks and conversions, automatic financial policy management, organising creative content and managing payment services.

Ryan Cooper, Network Media Services COO, said “This latest update shows how Network Media Services are keeping up-to-date with the latest industry regulations and providing affiliate program operators with the tools needed to meet the high standards set by industry bodies.”

Network Media Services have introduced the following new features in the latest version of their affiliate management software:

ID Document Management

The ID document feature has been added to provide our clients with a complete affiliate KYC solution as part of the affiliate management platform. Affiliate mangers can review ID documents which have been uploaded by affiliates alongside account details and approve them accordingly. ID document statuses can be optionally reset when affiliate account details are altered, and the required ID types can be contextual for affiliates operating as individuals or companies.

Affiliate Website Management

Affiliates can now easily provide all the websites and their associated pages and aliases from which they are promoting our clients’ products, giving better transparency to their sources of traffic. Operators can choose to disallow traffic from a certain website and the associated traffic can be redirected to an alternative landing page.

System Usage Report

This new report allows platform operators to see additional administrator information broken-down for each month including the size of the platform database, the number of emails sent and the number of affiliate accounts.

HTTPS Across all Affiliate Platform Pages

The affiliate system now supports the HTTPS protocol across all affiliate and administrator pages, providing extra security for all users.

Improved System Email Delivery Measures

As part of the sign-up process, affiliates are now shown instructions on how to add system email addresses to their contact list for various popular email clients. This is to prevent potential delivery issues for any communications that are sent to affiliates. Improvements have also been made to the process of unsubscribing from affiliate newsletter communications, helping Network Media Services clients to comply with the latest marketing and anti-spam rules.

About Network Media

Network Media supply turnkey affiliate tracking and management software to the iGaming and Forex trading industries. The software is both multi-language, multi-currency and fully responsive across all devices and platforms and is able to cater for small brand operators, large white label suppliers and affiliate networks with unique multi-brand configuration options.

Network Media Service’s powerful solution contains all of the required features and functions to manage a successful affiliate program straight away. Including features for calculating commissions, tracking clicks and conversions, organising creative content and managing payments.

The solution is scalable from a small start-up company to a large operation, processing multi-million financial and data transactions every day. Our content delivery network can easily track and process millions of requests every minute and our systems are delivered with full failsafe redundancy and backup for complete piece of mind.

Designed and developed by industry super affiliates, experienced system operators, advertising network specialists and award winning software system designers, our affiliate management platforms provide the new generation of affiliate business operators with a powerful feature rich business platform considered by many as the industry leading affiliate tracking and management platform.

Across our product portfolio we work in partnership with some of the worlds most respected organisations and strive to exceed the expectations of our clients worldwide. To discuss your requirements or to arrange a free demonstration of our platforms, please feel free to contact us.

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