News :: New Managed Feature Release: PIP Rebate Forex Commissions


New Managed Feature Release: PIP Rebate Forex Commissions

As part of our continuous and on-going Managed platform development, Network Media is delighted to announce an update to its Forex Rebate commission module known as PIP Rebate.

The PIP Rebate module now allows affiliate managers and administrators to configure instrument symbols including contract sizes and tick sizes for use in calculating points based commission for each instrument type as well as allowing these to be grouped together for simple administration. 

In addition to the points based commission model the PIP Rebate module also allows our operators to pay varying fixed amounts of commission for each instrument based on the total volume produced, including support for lots and micro lots. 

Both configuration options give operators the ability to reward affiliates with the most competitive commission rates possible paying increased rates for high value trade transactions whilst limiting exposure for lower margin trading instruments. 

The system caters for any and all instrument types and in keeping with other commission models allows for tiered and performance based configuration as well as complete customization on an affiliate by affiliate basis.

For more information about this feature or any of the other Managed platform features currently in development contact a Network Media support manager or representative.


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