News :: New Managed Feature Release: Time Based Revenue Share


New Managed Feature Release: Time Based Revenue Share

Network Media is proud to announce the latest feature to be released and made available to its Managed affiliate platform license holders offering Time Based Revenue Share.

With this new feature, operators are able to set a limited period of time that will commence from a customer's registration date through to a definable end date where an affiliate will be eligible to earn commission based on any revenues generated. Additionally as with the independent no negative carry over functions, this new revenue share option also allows system operators to customize revenue share periods based on individual agreements with their affiliates including the option to allow lifetime commission plans.

Time Based Revenue Share ensures that operators can maintain the maximum profitability from their affiliate marketing platform whilst empowering them to be able to reward their most successful affiliates with bespoke commission options tailored to affiliate requirements.

For more information about this feature or any of the other Managed platform features currently in development, contact a Network Media support manager or representative.


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