News :: Official launch of egass affiilate system software (egass)


Official launch of egass affiilate system software (egass)

Network Media Services is extremely excited to announce the launch of our EGAMING AFFILIATE SYSTEM SOFTWARE (EGASS), a new and innovative turnkey business system, aimed at empowering the new generation of egaming operator with a powerful affiliate marketing solution.

EGASS is designed with simplicity and functionality as a prime focus to provide both the gaming operator and affiliate partner with a solution that is easy to understand, easy to use and provide a full suite of powerful tools that help maximize both operator and affiliates business objectives.

EGASS provides the gaming operator with a comprehensive suite of features, functions and integrated tools to effectively build, manage, optimize and control their affiliate marketing business through a logical user-friendly back office interface.

EGASS caters for new start up and existing gaming operators and can be supplied as a stand alone or hosted solution and can be customised and modified to suit the specific needs of each individual operator.

By default operators and affiliates can choose to operate the system and switch between English, Swedish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek, Japanese and Chinese language sets. Any additional languages can also be catered for on demand. EGASS can also support any and all local currencies.

“The EGASS solution is a true turnkey business management system providing the new generation of gaming operators with the ability to effectively build, manage, optimize and control their affiliate marketing business. Using EGASS gaming operators can integrate unlimited products and brands to be managed from a single system installation, streamlining their entire affiliate marketing business. EGASS is also the first true multi language, multi currency affiliate marketing solution enabling both affiliate partners and administrators a local language interface, something we know is of significant importance as operators venture into new territories. ” says Ian Jewers, Managing Director, Network Media Services

For more information, please see the EGASS website at


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